JPL Atelier

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


Instituto Marangoni Paris

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United Kingdom

JPL Atelier was founded in 2017 by Colombian designer Juliana Ponce de León in London, United Kingdom.

Throughout the past couple of years, JPL Atelier has continued to champion both women and our muse, Mother Earth. Our main collections are inspired by a woman or group of women from history who defied their position in a restricted society and demanded their voices to be heard.

JPL Atelier is also a PETA approved brand and our main focus is transparent sustainability alongside the production of the highest quality garments. We produce everything in a female-led factory in London and have been with them from the beginning.

Our brand is made up of a collective of changemakers who want to take responsibility for what we bring into the market. Our most recent step in our brand’s journey is philanthropy and we are proud to introduce our newest collection of organic cotton t-shirts. They not only embody the empowerment of women through their design and sustainable production, but their main focus is to support five UK-based charities that are close to our hearts.

We have partnered with five extraordinary charities and organisations that mirror the DNA of our brand - the empowerment of women, sustainable practices, ethical local production, animal welfare, and biotechnology.

We welcome UN Women UK, Friends of the Earth, PETA UK, The Fawcett Society, and Post Carbon Lab.

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