jordane somville

Grey Sheep


paris / france


esaa duperré design mode

Graduation year


Jordane Somville collects sceneries.
She has been gathering them through her various journeys since she was a child. They nurture this desire she holds to lay pieces of nature on the human body.
This desire was born when she discovered porcelain.
Insect brooches, river rings, flower bibs starts to stir and breathe life into the JS brand.

Jordane Somville is a hiking enthusiast.
In 2001, she graduated as a fashion major from the École d’Arts Appliqués Duperré, and started to collect memories of her wanderings.
During her long strolls, she observes the surrounding scenery, memorizes the scents and the sensations, picks up seeds, stones, or any other inspiring element that grabs her attention.
When facing the clay in her studio, those long contemplations recur to her mind. A landscape is not just a physical place for her, it is also a painting made of emotions.
Her creative process takes root in the soil, the air and the sky.

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