Grey Sheep


antwerp / belgium


royal academy of fine arts, antwerp

Graduation year


Jon Sofferud is a Norwegian fashion designer, graduated from Antwerp fashion academy. Working towards understanding a thought or an emotion,you dive in to a territory that you uncover, layer by layer. And with my master collection i wanted to create a menswear line that features color-bleeding elements, exaggerated proportions and glowing details. Whether exploring textile transparencies or acidic color applications, a texture-insfused collection that dares to push style boundaries. Trying to stray far from the traditional, I wanted to fuses aesthetics along with function and weather-proof materials. Building an atmosphere and with this manual advertorial i wanted to display a new vision of sportswear that is enriched with purposeful concepts, sleek cuts and multi-functional designs. Inspired by the whimsical art of Krist Wood, this glowing menswear collection showcases examples of fashionable artwork that is both visually intriguing and wearable.

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