White Sheep


united states


savannah college of art and design

Queen’s Rocket, by Jon Fulton Adams, is about an aesthetic, not just a line of clothing. Adams, who attended Savannah College of Art and Design, celebrates “the natural decay of things, and the idea that everything’s finite.” Savannah, a lovely, creepy Southern town filled with garlands of Spanish moss, cobwebs, and the slow, sultry Southern mentality definitely feeds this notion.

So does Adams’ lifestyle. His studio, housed in his exquisite three-story brick home shared with partner Ron Megee, feeds this aesthetic as well. The gorgeous home boasts exposed brick, scraped wood floors, original details, vibe, and the ostentatious yet tarnished bling that defines his line.

Adams adapts vintage patterns for his men’s wear using sometimes new, sometimes vintage fabric as a foundation for his incredibly romantic treatments. Then he incorporates embellishments such as vintage beading, burnt-out cobwebs, and skulls. “I think there’s something really beautiful about the macabre, the dusky, the dark,” says Adams.