Jolinde Verbaandert Textile Design

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eindhoven / netherlands


MAFAD Maastricht

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Jolinde Verbaandert is a young Dutch designer (24), graduated July 2014 at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD) as a Textile Designer. Jolinde’s work is all about textures. She likes to combine different techniques and to develop a textile structure out of different layers. The results are textiles with always a different touch and feeling. She loves to combine old, handwork techniques with the fascinating techniques of the future and to experiment herself to create new techniques. The handcraft level in her work is high. Her ambition is to explore the wonderful world of Haute Couture and to create fabrics that will fit in this world but also to amaze, to create something new, to fascinate.

During her studies Jolinde has done an internship at Daniel Henry Studio hereby she has learned different special screen printing techniques, worked for the France lace company Sophie Hallette and she did developments for the lab14 collection of Daniel Henry. Also Jolinde has worked twice as a mini internship during Amsterdam Fashion Week as finisher for the fashion designer Winde Rienstra.

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