Jolijn Corporaal

Grey Sheep


arnhem / The Netherlands


ArtEZ university of art and design arnhem

Graduation year


After following the pre-course at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Jolijn Corporaal started studying Fashion & Design. Here she discovered that she mostly wanted to focus on textiles and prints. To gain more experience in this area, she followed an internship at Mary Katrantzou. In June 2018 Corporaal graduated with her menswear collection ‘Out of the Grey’. This collection originated from gathered pictures she photographed. These photos show walls displaying damaged posters – revealing each layer. For Corporaal the layers tell a story, which was the starting point of her collection. The posters could be seen as a life-sized collage. The technique of collage became the main focus to create her silhouettes. She cut up her patterns to pieces and put them back together, creating a garment consisting of different fabrics.

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