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new york / united states


drexel university & london college of fashion

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united states

Johanna DiNardo is an emerging luxury womenswear designer with promising potential. During her intensive education earning a Bachelors Degree from Drexel University’s acclaimed Fashion Design Program, Johanna spent a great deal of time in London, studying at London College of Fashion and working under renowned designer, Marios Schwab.
Her high appreciation for handcraft and astute attention to detail, are revealed in her Première Collection, for which she received high acclaim and the Nicole Miller Award for Best Dresses.

The technical skill-set she acquired during her intensive education in particular areas like draping, construction, and creative development have harnessed specialized attributes for industry readiness, making her a strong addition to a design team.

A diligent worker, visionary thinker, and detailed executor, Johanna’s design strengths stem from being a visual, hands-on designer. Her insatiable affinity toward luxury, and unique approach to design, integrating rich texture whilst creating shapes of a draped yet tailored quality, define her aesthetic.

Her determination throughout her education led her to many experiences that have intensified her desire to pursue fashion on an international level. After studying abroad in London, she went on to accept a 6-month placement in the fashion capital, learning and developing her skills under the mentorship of Marios Schwab.

Exuding a powerful femininity and timeless modernity, Johanna specializes in luxury womenswear and eveningwear.
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