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san josé / costa rica


Harvard University

“I design and create based on who I am. An eclectic and passionate woman,
who is a result of various cultures, but has strong roots on a small great country
called Costa Rica. That is why, when designing a new collection, I tent to
incorporate autochthonous social and environmental elements of Costa Rica, as
well as forms and symbolisms characteristic of other ethnic groups and regions.”
Jennifer Lang
Unforgettable glamour
Our designs are sophisticated and elegant, and at the same time, avant-garde
and original. The merger of several textures, colors, techniques, and materials,
results in exquisite pieces for collectors of the extraordinary and unexpected.
Reviving artisanal tradition
Handmade is synonymous with authenticity and unique. 
J.LANG represents the artistic expression of her founder, Jennifer Lang. Her
passion for details is reflected in every piece of her collection, carefully
handcrafted at our own workshop in Costa Rica.
We seek not only to support local artisans but to ensure that their products have
the ability to live through generations, combining excellent quality with
craftsmanship to create our exclusive designs.
Ethical Fashion
We take pride in the style, quality, and integrity of each and every piece
we produce. Our commitment is to design with natural materials, reuse
previously discarded resources, and provide fair employment opportunities for
people in our community.

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