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san josé / costa rica

Graduation year


i'm a jeweler and gemologist.
born and raised in costa rica.
i love to make things.

i studied graphic design in college but was immediately absorbed in silversmithing as soon as i took my first class.

i like pattern, bright colors, texture and asymmetry, and explore that through my pieces.

i approach jewelry making with an idea in my head born from inspirational images, experiences or even notions. most of the time i jump right to the wax or the metal, and start experimenting hands-on. i like the material to tell me things. sometimes this process is hit or miss, as my hands might have trouble keeping up with my brain's impossible standards; but sometimes there is a little magic involved, i think, and a tiny idea leads to a piece of jewelry that i love, and that (much like the greeks?) i believe must have been living inside the material just waiting to be carved out.

i love gemstones and have learned a lot about them since i took the graduate gemology course at GIA in new york recently. however, i still like to incorporate other non-traditional jewelry materials in my pieces. texture is an incredible element of design in jewelry, and i like crafting and making other kinds of stuff, so they all mix from time to time.

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