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yerevan / armenia


Yerevan State academy of Fine Arts

Graduation year


Armenian Fashion Designer And Brand Owner
Brand: Jhangirian

Emphasize Your Individuality

The History: Jhangirian clothing line was established in 2017 by an Armenian fashion designer Narek Jhangirian, who, after his first exhibition of clothes at the academy of arts, earned the title of “the youngest Armenian designer”. Starting from the age of 17, Narek Jhangirian participated in a number of fashion shows organized by the industry leaders, where he had an opportunity to introduce his work and unique style to the world. today, Jhangirian clothing line is developing quickly. The philosophy of Jhangirian mainly consists of 3 parts: breaking norms, dreaming, and stories.

Braking norms: Starting from the very beginning, the main aim of Jhangirian was to prove that the quality is not always dependant on numbers. At the age of 17, Narek Jhangirian had his first fashion show, during which he introduced his very first collection of the clothing line. Especially in the case of Armenia, the main message of Narek Jhangirian’s success was the equality that he brought to the industry. Jhangirian broke all the stereotypes that sometimes become an obstacle for young and talented individuals in the process of making their dreams and ideas a reality.

Dreaming: The core of Jhangirian’s success and philosophy is dreaming. The designer is more than sure that dreaming is always the first step in the way of creating something special. While having a hard time in his life, Narek Jhangirian always dreamed of making a clothing line that will become an “armor” for the person wearing it. As he states, people should define the clothes they are wearing and not the opposite. The main aim of Jhangirian is to become a protector of every single person who would choose to wear something with “Jhangirian” label in the back of it. The look, even an everyday one, should complete the person, and not be separated from him/her. So, for Narek Jhangirian, the look comes together with the person wearing it, and together, they become an unstoppable army that can overcome every single hardship on its way. As Narek Jhangirian states, in the case of women, for example, even by being strong and powerful, with the help of Jhangirian, the customer will not lose her individuality and femininity.

The Story: for every collection, we have stories that actual for that time and region every single person wearing Jhangirian is becoming a part of a clan/army which stands for rights and equality for people. For the designer, people who choose to wear Jhangirian stand by his philosophy of that collection. Together, the customers and the clothing line makes a history of change.

What’s next? Jhangirian is an already operating and day-by-day developing project which needs the contribution and faith of its customers. For Narek Jhangirian, Jhangirian is like a newborn baby who needs to be raised by his/her parents. All is needed is the love and support of people who have a similar philosophy of thoughts. Stay by the side of Jhangirian, and it will become your supporter and advisor for a lifetime.

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