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Jessica Shaw is a young British designer who graduated from Middlesex University in 2010, Jessica draws inspiration from her northern background and suburban city influence. Her work embodies her interest in Photography and Fine Art. Jessica's aesthetic is strong elegance across the spectrum of grunge to glamour.
It’s fun and free-spirited label undercut with edginess (imagine Courtney love and my little pony having a love child). It’s about embracing the freedom of dressing up. The aesthetic is embodied by an eclectic mix of fabrics from fur to velvet, chiffon to tulle in my creation of ultra feminine designs.Dreams of Lolita is the latest collection, Lolita is a free spirited daydreamer , fun loving and carefree shes a daydreamer who lives in the clouds , she skips at least once a day! Lolita embraces dressing up. The look is a mix between granny chic with littlepony. Lolita is A collection inspired by dressing up, coming of age . Sticker covered dairy’s full her deepest crushes and poems. This collection is the latest from Jessica Shaw Label, an electric mix of pink, green tulle of velvet dresses covered in pom-poms, fur- trimmed bomber jackets and floral glittery frilly dresses. Legend princess meets mum’s dress-up box

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