Jessica Lai

Grey Sheep


san francisco / united states


academy of art university san francisco

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CHING-CHI LAI (JESSICA) Jessica Lai came from Taichung, Taiwan. She was major in Fashion Design and makeup artist for her undergraduate in Taiwan. She was inspired by a lot of designer all over the world. She decided to come to United State to pursued her Master Degree from Academy of Arts University on 2018 in San Francisco, California. Her passion is working with women’s wear. She loves get inspire from arts and exploring new things from her life and transfer into her design. She loves working with complicate pattern cutting and asymmetrical design. She is good at draping and fabric manipulation. Her work is create unique silhouettes and interesting details yet wearable pieces. She also has background of textile design. During her education at Academy of Art University, her eyes has been truly widen and skills has been greatly developed.

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