Jessica Kessel

Black Sheep


buenos aires / argentina

Main Manufacturing Countries


The day I tried on the first pair of shoes I designed and made with my own hands I knew that I was going to have lifelong passion for my vocation.
This was the moment that my brand was born thanks to my enthusiasm and obsession for creating unique pieces.

I studied with a shoe maker, Fernando Lopez Bizcaino in Buenos Aires. Aside from my love for creativity, I was no longer getting inspired by the shoes I was seeing in shop window displays.

My objective is to offer hand crafted pieces rather than a mass produced shoe.
The manufacturing process of each pair of shoes is 100% artisan from start to finish. I´m involved at every step from selecting the appropriate mould and sourcing the right leather, to choosing the perfect heel. An emphasis on the details in my designs means my shoes can be worn all day without compromising on style. We are led to believe that a beautiful shoe is uncomfortable by default. I’m attempting to challenge this preconception.

I want to appeal to women of all ages who want shoes that give them presence. Who appreciate quality and put style and attitude before trend. Who aren´t afraid to be different and make an impression, embracing their personal tastes.

In May of 2014 I had the honor of participating in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mexico, alongside Tregua, the Argentine fashion brand. It was one of the happiest moments of my career.

In May of 2015 I opened my first store in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.