Jess Blak

Grey Sheep


brisbane / Australia


Griffith University

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


“Before anything else I was a collector, composing a wardrobe of fashionable objects to enhance my self image. I thrive in the pleasures of being an aesthete, we are constantly composing an ideal inventory of wearables to negotiate the world in our own terms.”

Jess Blak is a contemporary silversmith whose organic approach to creating objects aims to balance repetition and authenticity. Collections are inspired by the juxtaposition of nature and the built environment, resulting in objects which aim to beautify the strange and unexpected.
Collections are handcrafted from start to finish by the maker, using traditional and non traditional techniques, which have been modified for their ability to interpret ideas of texture and touch.

Synthetic stones punctuate 100% recycled silver forms, both materials are sourced for their beauty as much as their ethical transparency.
Jess Blak is worn by those with an appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and the handcrafted. Unique objects emphasise the individuality and taste of their owners, clients of Jess Blak include Zola Jesus and Brooke Candy.

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