Jenny huang

Grey Sheep



london / United Kingdom


Royal College of art (RCA)

Graduation year


Jenny Huang is an interdisciplinary designer, an educator and a competitive powerlifter.
As a designer, she is keen on exploring and developing innovative approaches to patterning cutting and manipulating 3D structures. Her angle of seeing shapes and structures forms her distinctive practice and the ways she creates materials. It allows her to methodologically explore the possibilities of 2D surfaces transforming into 3D structures.
Along with her working experience in education, she truly believes that incorporating knowledge from diverse disciplines is crucial for making fundamental differences. She is determined to push the boundaries of traditional design and to explore new avenues of creativity. for her, To her, being a designer entails embracing uncertainty and stepping onto unfamiliar terrain.
As a competitive powerlifter, she is currently ranked as the UK's top 16 powerlifter at 63kg weight class. She believes a woman's strength can be just as power- ful as her mind.

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