Jennifer Milleder

Black Sheep



vienna / austria


university of applied arts, fashion department

“Fashion must always evoke emotions and create an individual identity based on narratives.”

Jennifer Milleder’s approach to fashion design is placed between wearability and art, based on storytelling concepts. Pretty fascinated with designing extraordinary garments, the designs are defined through strong, clear, yet dramatic silhouettes that focus on voluminous garment construction and attention to detail. Elegant, sophisticated and playful garments are created through experimental three-dimensional draping. The collections are inspired by either personal experiences or aesthetic objects and are influenced by art movements to create an artificial fictional world with embodied characters. Prints and geometric patterns, in particular, support the desire to generate surreal realities.

Jennifer Milleder is an Austrian fashion designer and stylist. She graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the guidance of Hussein Chalayan, Luke & Lucie Meier and Grace Wales Bonner. In 2019, she also worked at Iris van Herpen’s studio in Amsterdam, focusing on haute couture dresses, creating laser cut files and print developments.

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