Jennifer de Bruyckère

Grey Sheep


amsterdam / The Netherlands


amsterdam fashion institute (amfi)

Graduation year


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Influenced by modern art’s abstract movements, such as constructivism, Jennifer de Bruyckère creates minimal avant-garde designs by shaping geometrical planes into edgy, unconventional silhouettes. A process of observing, draping, constructing and tailoring. Exploring the possibilities in cut, shape and technique to merge all into refined knitted garments.

In 2002 Jennifer graduated with honours at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Prior to her education in fashion design, she was educated in menswear tailoring. Eleven years after her graduation, she launched her eponymous knitwear label, from her atelier just south of Amsterdam.

Jennifer’s perfectionist nature is reflected in both her designs and the quality of her garments. Her search for perfection brought Jennifer to Italy, where all of her designs are made, using yarns of the finest Italian spinners.

Her brand was immediately acknowledged by renowned Dutch boutiques such as Mostert & Van Leeuwen Rotterdam and her collections are now sold across Europe and Japan at major stockists like SPRMRKT Amsterdam and Via Bus Stop Tokyo.

The designs of the spring/summer 2017 collection are inspired by the work of American artist Lee Bontecou. The abstract sculptures that she created in the 1960s, inspired Jennifer to rethink the way that she can drape and construct shapes into wearable clothing.

Past sources of inspiration are, among others, the abstract architectural photography by Gianni Galassi and ‘Il Grande Disco’, the famous sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro, situated at Piazza Filippo Meda in Milan.

For the future, Jennifer aims to establish her knitwear label in the minimal avant-garde niche-market, while continuously focusing on renewing and perfecting her brand’s aesthetic.