Jenn Lee

Black Sheep


taipei / taiwan


london college of fashion

Graduation year


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“Your wildness is the sexiest thing in the world”

JENN LEE is an inspiring brand which seeks to liberate and empower women to express their passion, creativity and independence and unleash the wild woman within us all. Combining a strong experimental concept and an avant-garde visual aesthetic with delicate handwork and craft, our unique garments embrace a balance between art and business.
JENN LEE believe the value and purpose of garments is not purely for selling. Through fashion we can tell stories that inspire women. Focusing on the lines of the female body, we believe elegant silhouettes elevate the form of the woman.
JENN LEE was described by Taiwan Vogue (September 2018) as the brightest new star in the fashion world. Our brand concept film was short-listed for fashion short film festivals in New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Chicago and Athens.
JENN LEE has worked with dance, experimental motion graphics, sound and visual artists to create new energies and passions via inter-disciplinary collaboration.


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