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amd academy of fashion & design dusseldorf

The nameJen MM is the abbreviation for the Designers name, Jennifer Moica. The italian Designer was born and raised in Wuppertal in NRW, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. From an early age she showed a passion for creating and drawing. This passion and her artistic vein lies in the families DNA. Her grandmother in Sardinia had a love for sewing and tailoring for family and friends and others in her family.
She attended the AMD Academy for Fashion and Design in Düsseldorf, Germany, where she showed determination, perseverance and love for her work.
In 2011 she won the „Fresenius New Talent Award 2011 in Fashion Design (B.A.)“ and the year after, in 2012 the „Fresenius New Talent Award 2012 Fashion Design (B.A.)“ which along with the second award she successfully graduated in Fashion Design (B.A.).
After her work experience in Düsseldorf and London, she decided to work on her own ideas. She started to create under her names abbreviation JEN MM her first designs for local DJs and her younger brother and slowly working her way to more experimental, alternative and pieces, which celebrate the contemporary, the strong and individual look. Fashion designed for courageous people, passionate in what they do. Fighters of our days, …..
The DNA of the products lies in the detail and development of the individual pieces where each design is defined differently regarding the construction and fabrication of each garment.
Though she loves to create and being creative, everything is made by her, starting from the process of design, the idea to the pattern and final production. Each garment is handmade, developed and manufactured by her, from limited availability to one-off pieces. Some pieces are not subdivided in menswear and womenswear but are unisex, believing that further on in future clothing will be for both gender. Her inspiration comes from everything that surrounds her, beauty to oddness, culture, fashion, art, music, obsessions and creativity of all sorts. She thinks that even the absurdest and preposterous thing can be an inspirational trigger for her. Inspiration can be everywhere.
The idea to develop her own ideas was born out of love and passion for creating and for design. No day passes without thinking of how to create a design or an idea of hers. Fashion and inspiration is always on her mind. Her aim is to express herself in what she does and she strives for new challenges, where she can learn from. She tries to explore new ways of realizing her visions, creating an exciting idea into a living piece.
In June 2017 she took part at the FASHIONCLASH Festivals 9th Edition „FASHION MAKES SENSE“ in Maastricht where she introduced her designs, her skills and her collection. For the first time in January 2018 she presented her collection „WANDERSTERN“ under the name JEN MM DSGN on the catwalk at the TNRWDI-THE NRW DESIGN ISSUE during PLATFORM FASHION in Düsseldorf.

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