Grey Sheep


amsterdam / The Netherlands


amsterdam fashion institute (amfi)

Graduation year


Joyce van den Berg, born in Hilversum (November 26th, 1991), The Netherlands. Recently I’ve graduated at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) with my fashion-collection 'Intimidates' under my own label J'emBrasse. It’s goal is to show the intimacy between the piece and the carrier whom it embraces. Also the freedom of motion and a closer connection to fashion. I aspire to embrace the classic beauty of the female form. Featured as bodywear in combination with sportswear/activewear in combination with a graphic approach of the body and the use of new innovation concerning the developments in technology.

J’emBrasse is a bodywear and lingerie-brand founded in 2017 by designer Joyce van den Berg. Her brand is a direct reaction to the current spirit of the time; one in which classic female beauty has become secondary due to objectivity that general image culture has caused. Intrigued by the infinite possibilities, as well as restrictions of current pigeonholing wherein women are expected to meet certain social expectations. This is how J’emBrasse came to be. J’emBrasse embraces the classic beauty of the female form and supports women to radiate power.

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