Jasmijn Taken

Grey Sheep


utrecht / netherlands


hku university of the arts utrecht

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Joanne Jasmijn Taken (1994) is a young Fashion Designer from the Netherlands. She graduated in 2018 her BA Fashion Design at ‘Hogeschool voor de Kunsten’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Prior to this she successfully completed a four-year degree as a Fashion Tailoring Specialist and her work experiences range from working for Spijkers & Spijkers, Claes Iversen, PARTIMI and Sadie Williams in London, United Kingdom.

Jasmijn is a designer who is focused on making collections. She gets her inspiration from things that are close to her and the work contains a certain humour, scale, nostalgia and authenticity. During the process she is looking for new shapes and experiments with: textiles, materials, patterns, techniques, crafts, prints and colour. She is a curious and motivated student that is eager to learn new things and likes to collaborate with like-minded people.

At the moment Jasmijn is one of the Lichting 2018 participants and will show her graduation work WHATEVER FOREVER at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2018. She will also show this work at Designblok 2018 in Prague.

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