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My name is Jane Elizabeth Kotze, I'm a fashionista hermit, a neat freak, a geek, an obsessive collector of stationary and nostalgia addict. I love to draw, I love fashion, I draw what I love . . . and I sew a little.

At 27 I learnt how to sew for the first time, and since then I have been growing and gaining experience as a fashion designer. Even though I identify more with the term of crafter, as I find the greatest enjoyment in the hands-on experience of creating a garment, and embellishing a design.

My great loves are history and handcraft, which I try to convey through each of my collections. I strive to create womenswear that is beautifully made, with special consideration to finishes, embellishment and attention to detail. With each range I have made I have tried to grow and improve my skills as designer and crafts person as well as learn and create something that is new to me, so that it is a continuous learning process. I also enjoy working with found objects and vintage fabrics to create unique once off pieces.

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