Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


birmingham institute of art and design

Graduation year


James Whitehouse is based in London after graduating from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.
His design work is all about achieving a balance between traditional and contemporary luxury fashion and creating the modern woman that is both feminine and a feminist, the woman that can do it all.
The art of technique is always apparent in his work whether it's haute couture, tailoring, corsetry or laser cutting.
In order to make these styles, silhouettes and techniques more contemporary for the modern woman he focuses on the fabrication of his garments employing the use of latex, fur, feathers, leather and skins combined with traditional wools, silks and chiffons.
In contrast to the traditional archetypes of femininity present in his work, he takes inspiration from the eerie and the macabre. There are common themes and references to psychology and the darker side of human nature revolving around socio-economic issues of politics, current affairs and civil rights.

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