Jaesun Chung

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


london college of fashion

Graduation year


The collection is about a doll, hiding aggression driven from her innocence and delicacy, addicted to digital games. The doll is made in the 19th century, made to look perfectly beautiful with rigid material but still full of defects in structure. She is now standing in the 21st century, shifting amazingly fast, full of danger and appeal.
The collection is visualizing the strong attractiveness of digital games and false happiness of a little girl. The overall mood is focused on dolly softness, showing structured shape representing the domination of addiction. Creamy colours and linear elements made of papery fabric would represent surrealistic circumstances of the 19th century doll unwittingly revealing her aggressiveness by being addicted to digital amusement.
My inspirations are visual objects those can express the strong emotions I have. As I think the garments should integrate with body not only as an object to build the shape but also to complete one’s character, I try to keep the ideas and feelings in the collection.

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