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We all journey through life hoping to find a purpose in what we do. As I pursued design with an unplaced passion, I realised gradually that my purpose could become a centrepiece in my work. This is how Jadon came into being.
Jadon is more than a brand – it is an endeavour to document memories and experiences that have shaped my life and through them forge meaningful connections with the world.
With Jadon, I aspire to change the way we view clothes or interact with the tangible world. In the times of fast fashion, I want to revive relationships with garments. Turn back time to when clothes and belongings would last, so one could pass on the love and experiences through generations.

Jadon aims to redefine heirlooms by creating garments and other items that evoke emotions and stir up forgotten memories so the wearer is always reminded of their roots.

Jadon is an elaborate story that blooms as I evolve. It changes with my experiences and adds to my story – one I am proud to identify with. It encourages me to re-live my ephemeral childhood, choose to take pieces I fancy to weave them into my present and design a future that respects memorabilia.

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