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fashion institute of technology (FIT) new york.

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David Isaac was born October 7, 1984 in Queens New York to Haitian parents Jacques and Danielle Isaac. David’s line; Jacques Isaac, was honorably named after his late father and his introduction to fashion came subliminally at the very beginning of his childhood. His mother was a talented seamstress and would work at home creating school uniforms and dresses for family and friends, including the creation of some very elaborate Halloween costumes, worthy of their Haitian costume designing culture. His early memories consisted of watching his mother working with the colorful fabrics, threads and ribbons and creating with her hands, a magical process to young David’s eyes.

His latest innovative men’s denim collection focus is clearly for the working professional that believes in dressing to impress away from work. They have a mind for aesthetics and have high quality standards. They are confident and like to pull it all together with a hint of class while embracing the edge that David’s line offers. In addition, his Burlap and ink stamps are not usually what you think as refined; they are rough and bold, however, the ties are soft to the touch and the stamping is delicate and remarkably detailed. This playfulness between high quality and urban edge is David’s signature style. It is evident throughout the collection, focused and calculated.

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