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fashion institute of technology (FIT) new york.

Jillian Sinclair grew up in Queens and always knew that fashion was one of her true loves. Her earliest childhood memory of fashion had a lot to do with her grandmother, who was a sample maker and took her to work where Jillian was able to explore first hand, the fashion world from behind the scenes. The entire process from the inspiration that sparks an idea to the end result in a final garment is intoxicating to her. Designing knitwear is the most exciting to her as it includes creating the fabrics from which the styles are made.

While studying at both the Fashion Institute of Technology and Nottingham Trent University, she dedicated her time to honing her skills, technically and creatively. The discovery of artists and art with which she has a personal connection have informed her collections. Her design aesthetic alternates between femininity and masculinity, finding that perfect modern balance. “Less is more” has always been her motto. There is much beauty in simplicity, and unexpected detail just raises the bar.

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