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belfast / ireland


Ulster Univeristy

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I am a knitwear designer specialising in bespoke womenswear. In 2014 I was given the opportunity to spend a year on the Aran Islands working for Inis Meáin Knitting Company. During this time, I became inspired by the wild flowers of the island.My collection is a celebration of the unique flora of Inis Meáin. I have recreated the bloom of new life the flowers symbolise at the end of a harsh Winter. Featuring natural fibres such as baby alpaca, silk and mohair was an important element to ensure a high quality collection, providing the wearer with a delicate and soft garment. Focusing on the texture of the collection, using tassels creates the volume and tactile quality which was essential to represent the emotions of a celebration to which this unique flora deserves.

I am a maker, I interrogate and probe. Exploring knit to create elaborate colourful pieces with focus on texture and volume. I have always been inspired by colour, and challenge the conventional limitations with bold combinations. Dyeing my own yarns has ensured that the natural colours are correctly reflected through my work and accurately depict the wild flowers. Creating a tonal range of colour has been an essential part of my collection. As my work is process driven through rigorous experimentation, I work with the machine to see how the yarn will react and sit on the body. This forms the main ethos of my work.


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