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RMIT University Australia

Graduation year


While professionally trained in both Fashion and Graphic Design, Ivon pushes her artistic expression beyond these boundaries. Design is where science and art merge. When you enter the world of IVONOVI, you enter the world of IVON who designs each piece of jewellery as an artistic creation.

Design is a different conception of the world. This world is apart from everyday reality, where we use the imagination, creativity and boundless inspiration. But this world depends on the ordinary, and the ordinary and inspired are interrelated.

We need to be inspired by what we know, to create something magical. Fashion is the daily expression of the design world. It is the most personal means to shape our artistic sense, connecting with our belonging to that parallel world.

IVON’s own rich personal artistic background heavily informs the depth of her design sensibilities. She is heavily influenced by art, music, architecture, science- fiction and philosophy. IVON the person and IVONOVI the label cannot be separated.

A mixture between modernity and longevity, IVON’s designs are poised to capture great attention.

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