ivana ' tomic

Black Sheep



pula / croatia


university of ljubljana, ntf; bsc design of clothes and textiles

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


i v a n a ‘ t o m i c is a designer brand based on the idea of edgy simplicity and unpretentious luxury.

The brand stands for slow fashion and thought-through womenswear design that has its own flow, unconcerned with the fast paced tempo and globally imposed ever changing trends. The important part behind the brand is ethical approach to fashion design, sourcing and manufacturing.

Designer’s vision is to achieve sustainability by keeping the traditional & local production, artisanal hand-making and a personal approach to each garment. By that principle, designer is adding more value and personality to clothes while maintaining an approachable price. It’s all about high quality garments, handpicked fabrics, handmade prints & clothes with unique personality and longevity. There are no rules, and change is the only constant when it comes to garment’s aesthetic value. It doesn’t long for mere beauty, but an emotion, functionality and statement. The garments differ in style but the signature is always recognizable.

The design concept is based on a juxtaposition of opposing elements – line, shape and texture, creating a modern and sophisticated look. The key elements, besides patterns, are fabrics and textures upgraded with bold forms, prints and monochrome palette with limited colour. The fabrics range from silk, cotton mix, wool, viscose, leather, polyester, etc. Each collection is a reflection of designers current state of mind. It’s all about the story and the concept behind, therefore design principles are often changing in order to better project designer’s vision. The approach is very individual and designer is involved in the whole process. With more than 8 years of experience in designing, Ivana has also directed, produced, styled and photographed most of her collections.

The design process starts with detailed concept research, development and building the collection piece by piece. Garments are meticulously crafted and produced as limited or small scale editions with the option of made-to-measure. The design range is broad and includes ready-to-wear, casual wear, exclusive evening wear and custom –made bridal gowns. Therefore the customers are women who recognize its design quality and appreciate i v a n a ‘ t o m i c philosophy.

Ivana Tomic studied Fashion and textile design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she graduated in 2008. She spent a period of her studies on the Faculty of Architecture in Lisbon, Portugal, as an exchange student where she started working on her final project. After graduating she was selected as finalist at the two most important young designer’s competitions in Croatia; Fashion Incubator in Osijek and Modni Ormar in Zagreb. Always internationally oriented, in 2008 she moves to Madrid, Spain, where she starts developing her own collections as an independent designer. She launches her collections under the name i v a n a ‘ t o m i c and relocates the brand to Croatia. Ivana now works as a freelance designer for international companies and produces high-street womenswear and exclusive collections for various multibrand stores.