Iva Stojkovic Jewelry

Black Sheep


pula / croatia


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Iva Stojkovic has been designing jewelry for 25 years now, but has decided to educate herself in working with precious metals and other materials some 13 years ago when she learned some new techniques mostly by herself.

Three collections of 'PLEXI SERIES' are the first results of that process (2009-2012).This kind of jewelry is by material and form known as high-tech jewelry which had its peak in the 80's, but lives today through eclectic, contemporary forms like this one. Materials that have been used are Plexiglas, steel and aluminum.

Iva then changed her style completely and made three 'LIGHT SERIES' collections (2012-2016) that are produced still today since every piece is timeless and minimalist and never seem to go out of style. materials used are stainless steel, anodised aluminum and wood.

She had a little pause (became a mum) and recently decided to go in more mature, refined direction which had resulted in most beautiful collection in sterling silver and bent plexiglas called 'SOLITUDES' (2021)

Latest Collection