Grey Sheep


buenos aires / argentina


UBA. University of Buenos Aires

Graduation year


type: cardinal numeral / name without gender
1. Two
2. Pair

Iskay comes from Quechua, one of the most spoken languages in the Andean territory and means 'Two' or 'Pair'. The brand was born from a friendship between two students that merged their origins, Bolivia and Ecuador, and therefore it speaks from the depths of their upbringing and tradition. Iskay believes in cultural revalorization, in the destruction of paradigms and uses the creation of discursive design as their main driver. The brand is Andean and wants to take the roots of its designers to the top through urban garments, inspired by everyday situations and experiences in an innovative way and by expressing their essence and externalizing them into the creative process.
'Rediscovering our roots, the story behind our heritage as Andean, but also accepting the fact that we live in a modern world that influences the way we dress and represent ourselves to the world.'

As foreign students they do not belong to the place where they live, but neither do they belong to the place where they come from. Iskay is a way to fill that space by taking their traditions to something more current.

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