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ISABELLA QUEEN is a British-based luxury brand offering quality-remarkable Italian leather accessories hand crafted in London. These elegant structures with a stylish flair comprising clean, classic and structured shapes, a well-designed element of colour contrast throughout the styles, chic satin lining artwork representing London, designed in-house and in collaboration with British illustrators, graphic designers and artists and the quality of a blend of European raw materials and exceptional British craftsmanship, are the hallmarks of the label, and strike a chord with discerning consumers and a sophisticated clientele who seek out the quality and unique nature of the London based craftsmanship that creates a truly unique selection of bags.
Having experienced such rapid brand growth and having been so noticed and endorsed by such people in such a short timeframe, the immense potential that IQ has is clear. With its competent British-grown designer at the helm, who proved herself by her well researched entry onto the global stage of the industry, ISABELLA QUEEN is a front runner ready to maximise the profile, platform and individualised support that NJAL offers.
Proud alumni of the London College of Fashion, with years of R&D conducted prior to, and since the launch of the first collection, Isabelle has emerged as a visionary entrepreneur and creative designer, with an already established reputation for her innovative designs and the strategic approach with which she is executing her vision. At the helm as ISABELLA QUEEN’s competent British-grown designer, who proved herself by her well researched entry onto the global stage of luxury leather accessories, the rapid brand growth experienced to date is by far no surprise. Since the brand’s launch three seasons ago, ISABELLA QUEEN is rapidly becoming a recognised luxury label on its way to achieving its goal of growing a global brand of luxury British-made leather accessories renowned for their uniqueness in the industry. This can mostly be attributed to Isabelle’s creativity, strong design aesthetic and point of difference as a designer, in addition to her incredible eye for detail, strong management skills, notable friendliness and remarkable work ethic observed by all who work with her.
She has been noticed and is actively validated across the industry by prominent influencers such as the Director of International Affairs (UKFT Association), prior General Manager (Mulberry) and Founder (Fashion Angel) among others, all of whom also recognise that IQ is well on its way to succeeding Mulberry and the Cambridge Satchel Co. as a brand globally known for luxury handmade in Britain. The immense potential that the brand has under her leadership, is clear.

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