Irma Borgsteede

Grey Sheep


utrecht / netherlands


auto didact

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Irma Borgsteede is an independant Dutch designer. Drawing on her previous career as a fine artist, Irma approaches every piece of clothing as a piece of art. Working in limited editions and handpainting or graphically designing each piece individually after the piece is made, she produces the collections locally in Amerongen (Utrecht). Pieces are made to order as part of limited collections.
At the moment all items are manufactured by Irma herself as she loves the discovery of new lines and ideas during the production process of the item. In her opinion it is one of the most valuable ways and to keep on developing designing skills and stay innovative as a designer. Last year she worked on a cooperation with Dutch designer Dorrith de Beer with who she developed the "& by" collection. This collection of integrated coat and bag have been introduced on the Dutch Design Week 2013.

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