Grey Sheep


Chania / greece


cutters academy in gothenburg, sweden

Graduation year


irinalaaja is a playing game with lines and shapes. it is clean creative cuts and rough sexiness. a mind full of war and the stiffness of military uniforms. concrete and collapsed buildings. pleated shoulder pad in oilcloth experiment. material. how it lives its own life/how it reacts when i shake its world. light fabric. shivering lines. steel/diodes/glitter/lights/wires/whatever i can find in a world of cubes and creased symmetric shapes. straitjacket vs sexy. volvo vs womanly. a fake leather marathon and masks and machines. musical vibes. the colours of your vomit just folded itself into a cool collar. a rabbit who wanted to be a leopard and a man who was nothing but a fake fur coat on a high class prostitute. the problematic panic of perfection and the beauty in the destroyed and broken and disturbed balance. those sequin colored seahorses.