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edinburgh college of art alumni

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Born and raised in Stirling and the surrounding Scottish countryside, Iona Crawford graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007. As an artist and designer, her delicate, expressive and painterly approach was instantly apparent from the conception of her brand, and has evolved to shape and inspire each seasonal collection launched under her eponymous label.

Renowned for innovative and intricate garment structure fused with trademark tailoring, the Iona Crawford collections are unashamedly elegant. Silhouette exaggeration, experimental pattern cutting, contrasting fabric textures, unorthodox tailoring and masculine style influences all create an inimitable, avant-garde yet wearable look.

While Iona Crawford collections are directional and cement a unique design identity, they consist of earthy and tonal fabrics of Scottish origin including cashmere, linen and leather, as well as silks printed with Iona’s painterly artwork. The combination and contrast of each element results in distinctive, innovative collections which transcend fashions and epitomise timeless, contemporary style.

Drawing inspiration from the romance and beauty of the modern Scottish countryside, Iona Crawford, The Art of Living represents the artist and designer’s vision for Luxury Home Fashions. Featuring Iona’s painterly prints complimented by the world’s finest interior fabrics, The Art of Living line comprises fashion and basic interiors inspired by an elegant Scottish lifestyle. Crawford, recognized as a Vogue UK Premier Designer, adapts her painterly style and feminine, timeless vision to create captivating ensemble for the contemporary home.

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  • Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 Effie Collection

    Spring/Summer 2010 'To See The Sky...' Collection

    Lilly's Leaf Collection - Autumn/Winter 2009/10