Grey Sheep


athens / greece


The way clothes envelope the unique flow of energy through every human body is Ioanna Kourbela’s main source of inspiration. Following her studies in fashion design, and courses in costume and set design, her collections reveal the different aspect of a minimalist aesthetic, which insists on the essential and returns to the charm of classic harmony. In 2003, following the completion of her studies, she is appointed to oversee the Creative Department of the “Kourbelas Knitwear” family business and presents her first ‘Ioanna Kourbela’ Collection.

With Ioanna at the head of the creative department, the company evolves and three distinct collections are born, making even clearer the creative designer proposal.
The Ioanna Kourbela Female & Male Exclusive Collections, Ioanna Kourbela Accessories Collection, as well as the timeless Basics Collection, which was awarded this year with the Emerging Designer Award at the international trade show Pure London, comprise the main creative axis of the company. The strategic creation of the sur mesure bridal ‘White Collection’ that followed incorporated Ioanna Kourbela into the haute couture market.

The design of theatrical costumes for the Athens Festival as well as other theatrical and cinema productions, are part of the same need for expression.
Ioanna Kourbela’s collections have a steadily growing presence in the local and international markets, with more than 100 partnerships and three flagship stores in Greece, while exporting to over 21 countries globally (in Europe, United States, and Middle East). As of 2012, the Ioanna Kourbela collections are available also through the online shop to every part of the globe.