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INK Studio focus on creating a ready-to-wear collection for both men, women, and those who defy the gender norm. INK Studio believes that clothes are a way of communication and for someone to express their individuality, we want you to own the clothes, infuse your personal style, showcasing your unique fashion sensibility. INK Studio goal is to create unique pieces with a classic silhouette, playing with juxtaposition, with ‘Je ne sais quoi’ charm and romanticism as the brand DNA.

In the atelier, We continuously experimenting and exploring various technique - pattern cutting, textile manipulation, surface design, mixed media - and infusing bespoke or couture approach to each collection - To preserve the technique and to give a personal touch to each garment. Textile plays a significant role in making INK Studio collection alive and unique. Each season we tried to source a ‘special’ or unusual textile that came from different part of the world. Our founder personally travels and handpicked the fabric. We tried our best to trace and identify our supply chain, and creating material for the collection by ourselves back in the atelier.

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