inga skripka

Black Sheep


vilnius / lithuania


Academy of Art Vilnius

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“I was born in small country in north Europe nearby Baltic Sea. I earned a bachelor’s in painting at Vilnius Academy of Fine Art in Lithuania. After graduation, I moved to Germany where I began interdisciplinary studies at the Berlin Art Institute.
“The life of Berlin has been full new treasures to me, and given me an opportunity to discover the works of Robert Wilson, Oskar Schlemmer, and Gunta Stölzl, as well. They have been a big influence on my works and on my future.
“I founded ‘Inga Skripka’ brand in 2015 and I began exploring my own design language. I’m interested in a Bauhaus sculptural quality of clothing, playing with silhouette of shapes, often using rigid materials and experimental techniques. The flatness of most of the articles only allows the clothing to move in a stiff way — they are molded to a specific shape, not to the wearer.
“The fashion platform to me is more unfamiliar. Usually I’m working with performance of the theater as a costume designer and on my own brand as a experimental platform. I do not call my works ‘fashion’ and myself a ‘fashion designer,’ but it’s a great honor that I may inspire interest as such.

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