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Inan Isik grew up with four sisters and a brother, in a small Kurdish village in the Eastern part of Turkey. In her early 20s she started working with textiles, specialising herself within fashion textiles in Istanbul. Her 15 year long career working in textile production and development has meant she has travelled across the globe as well as having lived in India, China and Denmark and worked for brands such as Bestseller, Suit, Ganni and MUF10.

But something was always missing. At first Inan had difficulty pinpointing what it was - a certain je ne sais quoi feeling resided in her. Followed by a lack of meaning in both her personal and work life, Inan decided to step away from it all and find something that renewed her passion.

“ Taking time out gave me time to think about my past. Being a Kurdish girl growing up in Turkey and then later an immigrant living in Copenhagen. I know what it is like to be a minority, and I find it meaningful serving other minorities in the fashion industry. “

From one day to another aged 35 in 2019 Inan established her own brand, Inan Isik. Working out of her apartment in Amaliegade, Copenhagen, she has created a small luxurious silk collection for women who dress a European size 44-54.

“The decision to use silk was a very conscious decision because silk has a massive potential, if produced in an ethical way, to provide many regions of the world and women in those countries with a source of sustainable income.” Traditional silk is also has a very low water footprint and produces almost zero percent waste. At the same time it is biodegradable after just a couple of years compared to hundreds of years for synthetic materials, and it doesn’t emit toxins while it biodegrades like synthetic materials do.

“I wanted to use the best material, the best workmanship and an ethical production managed by women suppliers. My mission is to support women and take part in empowering their confidence and mental health. We have many things to do in this life, instead of obsessing over our bodies. Through the whole supply chain and artistic direction of the brand, the priority is to collaborate with women suppliers, producers and artists. ”
Each collection is produced by the Mert Ipek factory in Izmir, Turkey, the last stop of the famous silk road. All our products are naturally dyed, cut, sewn, packaged and shipped by the Mert factory.

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