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berlin / germany


chelsea college of art and design, university of arts, london.

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IMAIMA is a women’s apparel fashion brand. Inspired by the rich heritage and culture of Jaipur and artsy streets of Berlin, the name IMAIMA fills up the heart and soul as one speaks the name. IMAIMA is a brand with its presence across the globe. Taking inspiration from the stories that women across the globe have to tell, our artisans weave each piece with great detailing and affection. We are happy to introduce our collections as blend of stories from all the cultures. If you are someone who loves ideas, who loves and believes in the power of imagination, and who wants the world to become one, IMAIMA is the place for you. Our designs are made to weave fractions of the world into one. With the use of Azo- free dying products, transparent trade practices, and uniqueness of each product, IMAIMA is a global brand for everyone who has their own style!

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