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Ashtead / United Kingdom


University of South Wales

Graduation year


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United Kingdom

Jessica I Lewandowska Evans. Biodesigner. Future Thinker. Change Maker.

Passionate, driven and a believer that by practising science fiction thinking and manifesting solutions, a new way of life can be created. Problems arising through climate change steer a need for sustainable practices and collaboration. My goal is to develop dynamic materials and designs that have a positive impact within a rapidly changing environment.

Obsessed with Biodesign and the potential to collaborate with organisms, I grew mycelium and SCOBY's (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) for my graduate collection, pushing their boundaries for product uses and my own as a designer. Speculative design practices enabled my vision of a cleaner future and the potential outcomes we can create by looking to nature for inspiration. Digital clothing design contributes to my practice by exploring how we can reduce physical waste and protect our critical natural resources.

This is the start of my journey to significantly contribute to the field of biofabrication becoming a part of mainstream fashion. My goal as a fashion changemaker is to respond to the climate emergency and bring about positive sustainable change.

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