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1990 ILANIO: A CONCEPT LABEL. ILANIO is a creative space of like-minded ideators and designers. Imbued with the transgressive spirit of its San Francisco roots, ILANIO combines the cutting edge with the cosmopolitan. It is a new type of brand based on both collaboration and curation - a concept label.

ART-THAT-WORKS. ILANIO makes art pieces for everyday life. Commodities turned into statements of self-expression. Breaking down barriers between art, fashion, and commerce, ILANIO is a concept label of “art-that-works”.

MADE WELL. ILANIO bridges the gap between concept and life. ILANIO works with top experts in each category, bringing a fresh eye into existing manufacturing know-hows, to turn its art-sider vision into high-end pieces that work.

MADE FOR US. ILANIO and its audience are part of the same community: the irrepressibly free-thinking fringe that questions social conventions, that refuses to build a one-dimensional identity from off-the-shelf parts. An ever-mutating community that craves new tools for authentic self-expression.

ONLY A FEW. A limited-edition-only label, ILANIO invites the beholder to take ownership. ILANIO’s métier is to create art-that-works collectibles.

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