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Ice Surface Temperature is a label based in Italy and founded by brother and sister Kristian and Laura Guerra.
The name originates from the exact moment in which ice is transformed into water, metaphorically representing a moment when one thing can metamorphose into something completely different.
Ice Surface Temperature was created with the intent of being several things at once, while satisfying an extensive range of needs and uses. Multifaceted and across-the-board, this bold, daring style is always on the move and ready to take the plunge into the unknown. fearless in its approach to life, complex, yet simple, in its expression, its purpose is always dual, revealing in one moment, while concealing in the next.
I.S.T. is a project deeply rooted in underground culture. It is inspired by the concept of non-places or transient places: a crossroads of lives, a space of contaminations, but also a way station and setting for pluralism.
I.S.T. is a projection of reality, a radical, independent and experimental perspective, which relies on the alteration of urban/social customs and the manipulation of surfaces, volumes, and colours/non-colours.
The key to the project is subconscious contamination and ambiguity; an investigation into the role of boundaries, limits, and social perimeters.
I.S.T. represents that place where concepts are fluid, where ideas become obsessions and obsessions evolve into provocations.
I.S.T. is the place of disambiguation.
I.S.T. is an interpretation of reality.

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