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berlin / germany

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IAMKILOGRAM is a Berlin-based independent fashion label founded in 2017.
Disturbing the norm, the brand presents contemporary streetwear, genderless and season free.

IAMKILOGRAM features high-end street couture collections with one-of-a-kind pieces made of collector's vintage sportwear, refined with quality fabrics and is entirely handmade in Berlin.

"Our approach is sincere, passionate and uncompromising! We do this for the pure pleasure to create and we want to share this with other fashion enthusiasts. Creativity is the element that makes it possible to raise fashion to the rank of art. We create pieces of art that are not just made for a catwalk, but for our fight against the city’s greyness through colorful and wayward outfits. We offer genderless pieces that can not be reproduced: unique outfits for unique people."