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Eva Lai was born in Taipei, Taiwan. After graduating from University and with a passion in fashion, in 2005 Eva attended London College of Fashion to study fashion related courses. With her final project, Eva received acclamation as a top ten designer for the year. In 2007, a move to San Francisco, Eva joined Academy of Art to study Master Degree in Fashion Merchandising. During attendance, Eva discovered her true calling for shoes design and signed up for individual classes to expand her experience and knowledge on the subject. As a result, in 2013 Eva established a ladies fashion footwear brand - i’alave. With collections for both Autumn/ Winter 2013 and Spring / Summer 2014, i’alave participated in the New York ENK tradeshow, Hong Kong HKDTC Fashion Week and 2014 Milan Fashion Weeks’ White Milano. i’alave received high acclaims from all the attended shows. While at White Milano, i’alave collection has caught interest from Vogue Japan’s editor-at-large as a candidate to be included for future magazine article selection. Designer Eva Lai hopes her keen sense in fashion will bring the modern and elegant i’alave shoes for all ladies to wear.

The Brand
I’alave is an elegant women footwear company based in San Francisco created by Creative Designer Eva Lai.

The Brand was started due to Eva’s love for shoes and a desire to explore the expressiveness of femininity. I’alave shoes is the perfect blend of fine materials, color, emotion and silhouettes with traditional Italian shoemaking.

The Philosophy
i’alave understand the modern women is expressive, a desire to be independent, purposeful, thoughtful, feminine and strong, a blend of self-expression.

Inspired by lines and curves of feminine silhouettes, together with colors and materials to bring out the feminine beauty. i’alave designs shoes as an extension to the feminine form. Each shoes is created and imagined to form a sensual exploration of personal character through strong lines, soft colors, designer heels and premium leather, and comfort only an Italian shoemaker can provide.

Each of the i’alave styles name represent every woman is beautiful.

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