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Saskia Baur-Schmid is the Melbourne- based founder and conscious creative behind the emerging slow fashion label Hyph-n.

Hyph-n was established, in 2019, out of the designer’s frustration and dissatisfaction with the current disposability and mass consumerist mindset that drives the fashion industry. As a result, Hyph-n was born out of desire to create a greater sense of urgency that would disrupt the status quo.
The subsequent label sets out to answer the need for authenticity within the fashion landscape and has a focus on drawing a line between clothing and a more sustainable future.

It is Hyph-n’ s aim to challenge the traditional notion of sustainable fashion by synthesising environmentally friendly practices with edgy, timeless and sophisticated designs. The labels clothes are fit for the future we want to live in; where the design philosophy is cemented in designs that inspire a slowing down of fashion’s cycles, producing in limited quantity, and designing with longevity and trans-seasonality in mind.

The brand focuses on zero waste pattern cutting, modern silhouettes and challenging the aesthetics of sustainable fashion by encouraging less consumption, more wear and provoking more educated decisions based on fabrication and quality, and how our choices impact the world we live in.

the label has most recently been shortlisted as a semi-finalist for both the 2020 and 2021 Redress Design Award and as a finalist in the 2020 Sustainable Biennial Design Festival (AU).

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