Grey Sheep


hong kong


Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong)

Graduation year


I am an Indian woman and I am reclaiming my sexuality. Growing up in a country where being open about your sexuality is a challenge, HSEMU aims to reiterate the idea that being women does not mean you have to hide your curves. One’s physicality should not be the basis on which we judge how revealing their body should be. However, due to the
conservative mentality of Indian society, we are forced to abide by social norms which suppress one’s sexuality.

This brand encourages people to respect other’s personal choices rather than criticising their sexuality. The asymmetrical silhouette is an integral part of the brand because it emphasises the need to break this taboo about sexuality. This will be done by accentuating the form of the body through fabric experimentation such as leather carving by burning the fabric, as well as smocking, which symbolises how society negatively effects people through this conservative mentality. Each design experimentation has allowed HSEMU to evolve as a contemporary brand, and it aspires to promote an improved social mentality.

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