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Tradition-own cosmos- Your Friend.
howitzweissbach is the fashion label of Eva Howitz and Frieder Weissbach from Leipzig, Germany. We have established ourselves in the international high-end market with fresh noblesse, producing unique design under socially responsible conditions. Howitzweissbach is present in Paris, Milan and Berlin and produces semi-annual collections. In addition to the collections, we also produce a line of shoes and accessories including socks, bags and scarves.

Tradition without being traditional. howitzweissbach produces all of their goods locally. Garments, socks and shoes are produced in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) a region in Saxony. This production area is particularly close to our hearts, as the textile industry has been present there for centuries. Such expertise is rarely found right on a fashion
label’s doorstep. We want to strengthen the remaining workshops of this traditional industry and have established a well running production network. For the manufacturing of our garments howitzweissbach uses only materials of the highest quality. We love our products and want to see them produced with the same level of love.

Our own cosmos, our own world, our own view. The core of our creative work is the visualization of our own particular view of things, of the zeitgeist and of current events. We love fashion as a medium of expression and seek to communicate our values through it. Each of our collections is created as a new howitzweissbach world in itself.
We grew up in a land that does not exist anymore. A land with its own aesthetic. We are conceptionally inspired by Eastern-European Graphics like Bauhaus and the Russian Constructicism, our own childhood memories and of course by collaborations with artists and musicians from our home. In Leipzig we are swimming in an ocean of good
music, original works of art, fantastic literature and fascinating social and cultural influences. Thus with each new season we add a new essence to the howitzweissbach cosmos.

Our collections are filled with the love for fashion. Each article of clothing is lovingly treated – from the first idea to the finished pattern. It is this deep appreciation, which we seek to bring to our customers. Whoever wears the howitzweissbach birds on their collar feels the quality of the fabrics and the unusually constructed cuts and boldly confesses their affinity for the colourful. howitzweissbach works with a host of partners. To treat them fairly and to allow for a certain creative leeway is decisive for our work. Every partner adds their own values to the collection. In our opinion, this is the only way to make a product that is coherent in every way. howitzweissbach wants to establish a completely new style, that is always up to date but independent of current trends. We work with a new awareness of everything that surrounds us. We love the process of forming things according to our own rules, which goes further than designing clothes.

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