House of Tamarind

Grey Sheep


pune / india


symbiosis institute of Design

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Label House Of Tamarind is a young startup venturing into Womenswear Sarees, Stoles and Coverups as well as Menswear Lounge Shirts and Infant Wear.
With an aim to contemporize traditional art and crafts of India, label House Of Tamarind fuses international fashion forecasts and age-old craft techniques, to give a complete makeover to the look and feel of the end product with conscious retention of the core characteristics of the craft.
We live in times where self-expression is at its epitome. With its love for Indian heritage and quirky amalgamation with contemporary aesthetics, the Label House of Tamarind aims to break the conventional representation of Indian culture in the global scenario. With profound understanding of fabrics, international trends and fashion forecast, Team House Of Tamarind adds innovative dimensions to the ordinary. With an aim to express Tamarind as an icon of handcrafted luxury, the focus is always on aesthetically combining sustainability and style, and its versatile application.

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